Heather Standring - Boston

While pursuing her degree in Actuarial Math from WPI, Heather stumbled upon the Galatea booth at a career fair and was delighted to learn that there was a company that would allow her to combine her love of finance, math and technology. She decided to pursue her Masters in Computer Science from Bridgewater State University, and soon after graduation she joined Galatea! Heather has now been with the company for five years and has worked on a variety of different projects such as a risk application used by traders and a platform that calculated margin requirements for clients of the bank. She is currently working on a portal into which clients can login to view their account information.

  • What is your favorite part of working at Galatea?
    • I love the fact that everyone I work with is smart and fun, which leads to interesting conversations about difficult problems. On top of that, we enjoy having fun together outside of work!
  • What is your favorite Galatea moment?
    • My favorite Galatea moment would have to be the barbecue we had upon completion of the risk project. After three years of hard work on the project, we had a huge cookout with tons of food, drinks, and cake!
  • What do you like to do outside of Galatea?
    • I love going out to dinner with friends, reading, and playing softball (especially with other Galateans)!