Andres Teran - London

Andres graduated from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He worked as a customer service engineer for several years before coming to Galatea, where he now works on a global custody platform for one of our clients.

  • What is your favorite part of working at Galatea?
    • I love that Galatea is a relaxed atmosphere where I can take ownership of my tasks. My managers as well as the Partners are truly interested in how I am feeling and are accommodating if I want a change. I also love all of the different backgrounds we have in our Gala-UK office. We are an office of 10 people and we represent 6 different countries!
  • What is your favorite Galatea moment?
    • Definitely the global holiday party this past December 2016! It was awesome that Galatea flew everyone from the other offices to Boston for the party. We all had a blast!
  • What do you like to do outside of Galatea?
    • I love climbing and going to concerts. I absolutely love live music, particularly classical and opera!
  • Fun Facts?
    • I am pretty awesome at chess; I was once a national champion at home in Venezuela. I also used to be a semi-professional salsa dancer and used to teach classes.