Do you want the challenge and reward of growing a business with the stability of a regular paycheck?

Then Galatea may be the place for you!

Like many of you I tasted the thrill of being part of a startup and was hooked.  I joined a speech recognition company right out of college that grew from 25 to 200+ people before being acquired by Nuance for $400mm.  I left that job and worked on starting my own company for a year and a half.  At that point I decided that I needed a regular paycheck but still didn’t want to give up the challenge and rewards of growing a new business.  I found that Galatea was the perfect fit for me and it could be for you too!

Galatea is seeking a versatile experienced technologist or technical manager to help us build and lead our our brand new Durham office.  We are in the envious position of having demand that outstrips our ability to meet it and have started this new office as an attempt to scale our operation.  If you’re looking for challenging work and a phenomenal growth opportunity in a laid back office culture then come join us!


At Galatea you will...

  • Define your own role:  At Galatea, we give every consultant a baseline of technical skills and domain knowledge.  Beyond that, it is up to the employee to define a role to maximize their impact - and corresponding reward!
  • Be the master of your own destiny:  We are looking for a leader to help us deliver high quality services at scale.  Your goal will be to achieve this.  The impact you will have at at Galatea will be constrained only by your imagination.
  • Make a difference:  Galatea is not the cheapest consultancy on Wall Street but it is the best.  When you walk in the door at a major investment bank coming from Galatea, you instantly have the respect of top executives.  This affords us the unique opportunity to make a huge impact with our projects.


Job Responsibilities:

Provide leadership and drive growth of Galatea Durham office.  Run a project team and contribute individually to all phases of SDLC, delivering financial software projects for large financial institutions.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Proven leadership capability
  • Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science (or related field)
  • Proficiency in at least one object oriented programming language (Java, C#, C++, etc.)
  • Strong communication and analytic skills
  • An interest in learning about the financial services industry
  • Enthusiasm to quickly learn new technologies and tackle challenging problems


Who we are:

Founded by two industry professionals in 1997, Galatea Associates is a software consulting firm specializing in solutions for the world’s largest financial institutions. We are a sixty person company with offices in Boston, London, Durham and Tampa Bay. Galatea fosters an environment that encourages collaboration, originality, and camaraderie. We pride ourselves on being the best in our functional domain, and our people prove it year after year!


Our location:

Kress Building, 103 W Main St., Durham, NC  27701


Our culture:

We at Galatea have a work hard, play hard mindset. Need a break? Challenge coworkers to a game of Foosball. Eat food? We provide free lunch on Thursdays. Need to let loose? Free drinks and appetizers on the first Friday of every month!  Other ideas of cool perks for employees?  We’d love to hear them!


Please send your resume/cover letter to Kyle Stanek at