Our Story

1996:   Mike Higgins and John McMahon found Galatea Associates, LLC.

1997:   Galatea opens its doors in Somerville, MA.

Beginning with only 8 Associates, Galatea begins to establish its reputation among a few key clients. In time, people at these clients would move on to work for other banks, leading to new client connections!

The original Galateans were renovating a global settlements platform. See what types of projects we're involved with!

1999:  After 2 short years, Galatea triples in size, growing to 25 Galateans!

2000:   Galatea establishes its fourth client relationship with an international bank.

2008:   Galatea establishes a new relationship with one of the most prestigious banks in the world!

2010:   Galatea is now home to 44 Associates, engaged in managing and optimizing settlements and inventory. 

2012:   Raj Basu becomes a Partner! See our Partners!

2013:   Galatea's London office opens, headed by Andy Butler!

2014:   53 Galateans are deployed across 10 projects for 4 major broker/dealers.  

2015:   Galatea opens an office in Tampa, FL, headed by Ari Packer!

2016:   Galatea has 73 Associates worldwide!

2017:   Our newest office opens in Durham, NC, headed by Kyle Stanek!