Galatea has the culture of a FinTech startup with the security and reputation of over 20 years in business. Come experience a fun and collegiate atmosphere while producing financial software solutions alongside some of the most experienced people in the industry. 


Galatea is a stimulating, collaborative, and fun place to work.  To engender this culture, we hold weekly lunchtime knowledge sharing sessions and encourage individual learning across teams and clients. Outside of work, we get together for interoffice challenges, sports leagues, trivia, dinner, drinks, and more.  


Every Thursday, catered lunch is provided for all of our offices. Afterwards, a presentation is given on a business domain or technology topic. These fun and informative sessions review core business concepts, introduce new technologies, or delve into current events. All associates have the opportunity to give a presentation, consistent with our culture of knowledge sharing and openness.



On the last Friday of every month, the company goes out to a local bar or restaurant, all on the company dime, as a way to celebrate the recent month's progress and achievements. We call this "Final Friday!" This tradition has existed since we opened our doors in 1997. Spouses and significant others are encouraged to join in on the fun!  



Galatea has a wide variety of recurring activities throughout the year, including pick up games of soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, a summer softball league, volunteer activities, running groups, Magic the Gathering nights, movie nights, board game clubs, and much more - as long as there's someone organizing it there's bound to be interest! We also hold annual Summer, Halloween, and Winter Holiday parties for Galateans and their families!



friendly competition

At Galatea we embrace a healthy amount of company competition. We've had bowling contests, mile run challenges, football games, Foosball tournaments, push-up competitions and much more. We are always on the lookout for new competitions and ceaselessly lord past victories over our fellow coworkers.