solving Wall Street's toughest problems through custom software solutions 

Galatea Associates has established a rock-solid reputation among Wall Street investment banks for delivering mission-critical systems in a timely and efficient manner. We've built this reputation with our excellent teams and our unique organizational approach. Some of the largest financial firms in the world choose to partner with Galatea for several key reasons:


understanding of the Business

Our Associates, with the help of Galatea's training program, learn the fundamentals of the investment banking industry and, for this reason, have an unparalleled understanding of the business problems faced by our end-users.



Since our Associates know both the business and IT infrastructure of our clients' operations, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate with clients throughout project lifecycles. Our ‘lead from the front’ mindset means that our Associates get as deeply involved in the design phase as they do in the development, testing, and implementation phases.



Our Associates bring unique technical skills to the table, but we consider ourselves technologically agnostic in that we do not advocate for any single language or environment. We work with our clients to select the best combination of technologies to meet their needs. Galateans are able to work with any technology, develop in any language, and operate in any environment.



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